Doc Keshig has led a radically unscripted life that might be called Byzantine, peculiar, and perhaps exciting by many people trapped within a world of linear objectives.

It all began in the isolation of upstate New York and an intense desire to escape the mundane life of a North Eastern factory where the only exciting thing to happen was overtime pay.  A peripatetic itch to live prior to dying initiated the poor man’s simple escape – military life.

After accidentally gaining a uniquely specialized skill set that includes parachuting, diving and working with explosives, he drew the short straw and became part of the military dolphin training empire, perhaps the world’s second most redundant task.  A f*cking fish slinger to stinky marine mammals.  Same boat, same fish, same task, every bloody day.  This left far too much free time for fighting, fornication, feeding, and reading.

Confident that the best mating options were trapped in college resident halls, a university education seemed weirdly rational.  Two heads for one.  Obscure university specialties followed with some harrowing quests through the ancient lands of the Mongol Yellow Horde.  This left him intoxicated on adventure, ultimately leading to seven graduate degrees, university teaching, and life in a Japanese corporation.  Acupuncture, oriental medicine, psychology, and technology innovation followed, all whilst diddly shitting around as a low ranking military reservist, treating reserve weekends like some sort of adventure vacation.

Just when it seemed most fun had come to a screeching halt due to middle age, 9/11 happened.  Doc was summarily returned to active duty, but this time there was cool guy work to do and many more options to exercise his batshit crazy wayfarer lifestyle on Uncle Sugar’s dime.  Yes, you can have a second adolescence and it is more fun than the first one.  The mad hatters in the world of specialized military communities are a tribe of athletic nerds.  16 years flew by based on constant forward operations using his diverse language and other geeky skill sets until one day he was on the outside looking in because he was too old to legally continue the game.  His VA package is buried in the multi-year backlog, retiree pay has yet to show up because of “broken service” and the general inefficiency of the system to handle a non-cookie cutter life.  Strangely enough, this is the juncture the Keshig network of wayfarers suggested helping the poor bastards trapped in the baby boomer psychology septic tank with real advice.  Simple, direct, and clear, without touchy feely bullshit.

You couldn’t pick him out of a crowd, he is unlikely to share his name, but all this is by design.  He wanders the globe in loose fitting coveralls, riding oversized motorcycles, and being relaxed with everyone he meets.  Only when the Keshig network is verified (signified by a specific hidden tattoo), does the guard come down.  Life can be stranger than fiction.  Doc’s favorite quote is “you never fail until you blame some one else.”  His books are about helping you squeeze the most from the life you have chosen.  When he is not on the road, you can find him on the blog, in order to help you “hear ground truth.”